Alyssa Getz and Tommy Cudmore have been blowing glass together for the past ten years. It's an adventure that continues to challenge them on a daily basis. In fact, blowing glass and making a career of it has been the most challenging and rewarding journey of their lives.

Creating a piece fills us with a sense of joy, accomplishment and pride. It's those feelings that we work toward each and every day. We are full of gratitude for your support and feel blessed that our patrons allow us to continue on this journey. 

- Alyssa Getz & Tommy Cudmore

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Important Materials:

One reason the Multiverse Series is so successful is the starting materials. We go to extreme lengths to obtain rare and special glasses and use them in interesting ways to create a unique look. Intriguing glasses such as Aventurine and Opaline can add incredible pattern and layering.



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Mississauga, ON, Canada


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